This Month’s Picks: December 2014

Compiled by: Gabriela Yareliz

Another year coming to a close. Stay inspired. Here are my picks from December; the little things that made me smile. 🙂

1] Ellen White chosen as one of Smithsonian’s 100 Most Significant Americans. She has certainly had an ENORMOUS impact on my life, and it’s nice to see such an inspired woman recognized.

2] “Pain is temporary, glory lasts forever.” Len (Dancing With The Stars)


4] Dance on FLEEK: Alfonso and Witney


6] Quote of the semester:

“If birth and family circumstances dictate character, education in ethics can make little or no difference.” pg. 22 Professional Responsibility: A Contemporary Approach (Pearce, Capra, Green, Knake and Terry)


“There’s a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth.” – Maya Angelou

8] Is anyone else excited about this film? Jane Wilde (Hawking) is an extraordinary woman (a fighter), and I think their love story is amazing.

9] Because Sinatra is NYC in the winter. His voice is heard even when no music plays through the twinkling lights of the city, casting their glow on our hopes, joys, fears and romance.




“The world is full of nice people. If you can’t find one, be one.”



One should learn how to live life from you, I spend my entire life inside a box.- Arjun

A person should remain in a box only once he is dead.-Laila

15] The bearded T.B. LaBerge writing from his soul. I love his Tumblr.

“I want to marry you, and watch the fire in your eyes burn as your face begins to wrinkle. I want to see how you are 50 years from now, and know that I married the girl whose soul could never die. I want to hear you when you’re angry and to laugh when you are happy, I want to know that I have someone who understands that life is tough, but it’s good when you have someone with you. I want to know that at the end of my life, I had someone that I could love and who loved me back.” –T.B. LaBerge// 50 Years
Also from his Tumblr:
If you were on a dance show, who would you pick to be your partner?
Representing Canary Islands (Spain)! Ariadne Artiles. Love her.
“I shall spend every moment loving… One who loves, does not notice her trials; or perhaps more accurately, she is able to love them.”
St. Bernadette of Lourdes


“Don’t be afraid. There are exquisite things in store for you. This is merely the beginning.”
Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray


“I want to infect you with the tremendous excitement of living, because I believe that you have the strength to bear it.”
Tennessee Williams, from The Selected Letters: 1920-1945

“I’m always inclined to believe that the best way of knowing [the divine] is to love a great deal. Love that friend, that person, that thing, whatever you like, you’ll be on the right path to knowing more thoroughly, afterwards; that’s what I say to myself. But you must love with a high, serious intimate sympathy, with a will, with intelligence, and you must always seek to know more thoroughly, better, and more.”
Vincent van Gogh



This Week’s Top Picks: March 24, 2013

By: Gabriela Yareliz

1] Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
It is going down today. 🙂

2] Outlining for class and prep for oral arg.


4] Rita Ora

Her song Shine ya light I am in love, love, love with.
I also love how she incorporates bellydance moves in her songs. I am not a fan of her music or lifestyle, (she sold her soul for the industry), but this song is great.

I also like the political undertones in the music video with the Kosovo flag on her.

Anyway, /Shine ya light and set the world on fire/

And we don’t give up till we run out of desire
Race to the finish and we never get tired
We are the winners cause we hold the world title
We started slow, but we beat you in the final

5] Winter storm. Why? It is almost April! This is so wrong.

6] Song of the week

Favorite Bollywood song of the moment.

Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompense of reward. Heb. 10:35

Poetry by Javed Akhtar: Ik baat honton tak hai

By: Javed Akhtar

Ik baat honton tak hai jo aayi nahin

Bas ankhon say hai jhaankti

Tumse kabhi, mujhse kabhi

Kuch lafz hain woh maangti

Jinko pehanke honton tak aa jaaye woh

Aawaaz ki baahon mein baahein daalke ithlaye woh

Lekin jo yeh ik baat hai

Ahsas hi ahsas hai

Khushboo si hai jaise hawa mein tairti

Khushboo jo be-aawaaz hai

Jiska pata tumko bhi hai

Jiski khabar mujhko bhi hai

Duniya se bhi chupta nahin

Yeh jaane kaisa raaz hai

In English

There is a matter that has almost come to my lips

This is evident in my eyes

Sometimes from you, sometimes from me

They ask for words

To take their shape and come to my lips

And to be embraced by my voice

But this matter Is a feeling…only a feeling

Floating in air like fragrance

Fragrance becomes its voice

That you know of

That i know of

It’s not hidden from the world

Don’t know what kind of secret is this

Purely Me: Gabriela

Warning-Ek minute: This is a personal post. If you don’t care, I don’t mind. I just wanted to immortalize the thought by typing it out. Simple.


By: Gabriela Yareliz

You know that love? It’s the love that makes you nervous; the love that drives out fear; the love that makes you smile without reason; the love that makes you slightly suspicious; the love that makes you quiet; the love that gives you a new perspective; the love that warms you like the rays of the sun but can at the same time leave your frozen like the stillness in a forest in the winter; the love that is like tiny lights on a dark night; the love that makes the ocean seem small; the love that needs no words; the love that can at times leave you confused;–you know, the love that makes you feel pain and joy and everything you can only feel if your heart’s doors are swung wide open; it is when your heart is wide open and vulnerable; it is when you believe in everything.

That is magical; I had lost that expectation to ever feel like that. The difference between me on Tuesday before I stepped into the cathedral and today is hard to explain. It wasn’t anything I said, or anyone I met–it just sort of happened.

I sat there, admiring the gorgeous church. I opened a Bible in front of me to 2 Kings, which never fails to inspire me (especially the passages about war and people getting their heads chopped off–kidding)… and I looked ahead, and this is what I saw:

There was absolute silence. I sat there praying. Praying for family, friends, wisdom–I noticed in front of me, a young man got up to leave his pew where he had been praying, and he walked out. I sat there in the silence. Later that day, I was walking by a townhouse with a glassy front, and inside, one could see the walls were shelves and the walls were filled with books.

Like many things in the city, it was perfection, beauty and glamour. I stood there on the other side of the window feeling that I was almost inside because of the size and clarity of the window. I stood absorbed, looking in. Sometimes, when one beholds such perfection, all you can help thinking is– I want this. This is so beautiful. It was a moment that absored me as my eyes wandered the room from the sidewalk. I then went to rest my hand on the iron gate and with the contact of the iron and my fingers, reality settled in. I looked away and began to think, This is not why I am here. It isn’t about having all of these things. And I walked away. I didn’t look back inside. I just thought of everything frivolous, gorgeous and empty that we try to acquire in life to make some sort of little utopia for ourselves thinking that we are justified, choosing to forget those in despair, poverty and suffering. Even within those walls of magazine perfection, suffering can exist–but I know deep inside that to acquire that, to get a fabulous job and live comfortably, forgetting about the world around me in a small utopian world composed of a routine and grand staircases–that is not why I am here. Though that day I left feeling nothing in particular, I knew I had once again escaped the enchantment of beauty; I walked away different.

I was walking by a shop that looks like a jungle inside with branches, sticks, plants and trees lining the walls. They had a basket outside with gorgeous flower tops and it said “Take a flower.” I found a gorgeous, bushy rose and walked away feeling this weird overwhelming feeling of happiness.

Small things change us. A glance; a smile; a scent; an unexpected surprise.

I think about everything I have experienced and all of the people I have met in life; teachers, playgrounds, plays, books, churches, tests, nights studying, Cambridge, French, friends, enemies, Romanians, England, skirt-filled camps, moments on the cricket field grass, Stoneridge, UF, rain, airports, Paris, La Rochelle nights looking at the lighthouse, Bollywood moments, New York, law school dealing–we change.

Sad eyes, smiles, happy eyes, flowers, dogs, ocean, love; we keep changing, and we are never the same.

Der lagi lekin maine ab hai jeena seekh liya
Jaise bhi ho’n din maine ab
hai jeena seekh liya
Ab maine ye jaana hai, khushi hai kya, gham kya..
Dono hi, do pal ki hai ruttein
Na yeh thehre na rukein
Zindagi do
rangon se bane
Ab roothe, ab mane
Yehi toh hai, yehi toh hai,

It took time, but I learnt to live,
however be the days, I
have learnt to live,
now I have known this, what’s happiness and what’s
both are weathers of two moments
neither they wait nor stay
gets made of two colors,
now angry, now placated,
this, this is here..

-Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

People are made of places

People are made of places. They carry with them hints of jungles or mountains, a tropic grace or the cool eyes of sea gazers. Atmosphere of cities how different drops from them, like the smell of smog or the almost-not-smell of tulips in the spring, nature tidily plotted with a guidebook; or the smell of work, glue factories maybe, chromium-plated offices; smell of subways crowded at rush hours.

Where I come from, people carry woods in their minds, acres of pine woods; blueberry patches in the burned-out bush; wooden farmhouses, old, in need of paint, with yards where hens and chickens circle about, clucking aimlessly; battered schoolhouses behind which violets grow. Spring and winter are the mind’s chief seasons: ice and the breaking of ice.

A door in the mind blows open, and there blows a frosty wind from fields of snow.

By: Elizabeth Brewster

-With love,

Gabriela Yareliz

Then you are alive- Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

If you carry your restlessness in your heart, then you are alive
If you carry the flames of your dreams in your eyes, then you are alive
Learn to live free like the gusts of wind
Learn to flow like the waves in a stream
Embrace every moment in life with open arms
Each moment your eyes see is a new season
If you carry wonder in your eyes, then you are alive
If you carry your restlessness in your heart, then you are alive

[From Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara]