Paper Doll

By: Gabriela Yareliz Today, I ventured out of my house and had hit 8k steps before 4 pm. I was exhausted. (I am so out of shape). Mind you, many of those steps were literal steps on a staircase. I felt weirdly human being out there in the wild earth. I felt the sunshine onContinue reading “Paper Doll”

Reflections Before Bedtime #21

By: Gabriela Yareliz Several random thoughts: When Aladdin asked Jasmin, “Do you trust me?” That was a deep question…You should only take risks and go on magic carpet rides with someone you would say ‘yes’ to. Do you ever catch yourself thinking as if you are still your 15-year-old self? The Lizzie McGuire Movie hitContinue reading “Reflections Before Bedtime #21”

Summer Cleaning and Mental Spillover

By: Gabriela Yareliz Summertime cleaning is here. Euro fashion bloggers are out in Ibiza and Napoli tanning. Unconsciously, the rest of us are wondering how we can get to Ibiza in the first place, someday. I know, it’s about being happy with our own unique blessings and realities. We believe this, but at the sameContinue reading “Summer Cleaning and Mental Spillover”

Growing up

What a Friday. I have been outlining like a beast. It has been a nice birthday celebration week. (I know, so Puerto Rican of me to celebrate for logner than a day). It is just so weird. All of a sudden, something snaps and you realize– you are no longer Disney Channel material. I amContinue reading “Growing up”