This Week à la Buzzfeed

1] It was so cold this week, those of us working long hours in the clinic would rather be hungry than go out into a winter storm to get food. 2] When we are at school for class, and then 8 hours of clinic on top of that. 3] Making life-altering decisions in four weeks. 4] Job-hunt attitude 5]Continue reading “This Week à la Buzzfeed”

Going for the Impossible

By: Gabriela Yareliz I loved the video above. Alex Ikonn is right. Sometimes, to achieve the impossible, we need to do or think things that may seem a little naïve, and perhaps absurd–we need to believe. Believing isn’t always easy, but that is what it’s about. As some say, you can win a case with the law andContinue reading “Going for the Impossible”

This Month’s Picks: February 2014

1] On Problems: Until you and I fix the spiritual cause, you won’t fix the physical effect. Dr. Tony Evans paraphrase 2] 3] 4] A place to check out in New York City: Chinatown Fair Family Fun Center They have a great deal on Living Social; or call to inquire: 551-697-5549. Plan your next familyContinue reading “This Month’s Picks: February 2014”

Exam Period Picks

Compiled by: Gabriela Yareliz When you read as much as a law student does, you just want pictures that make you smile. No words. Here we go. 1] Love– 2] Dancing gives stress release from finals! 3] Bunnies 4] Kareena Kapoor kajal (eyeliner) 5] This movie always makes me smile; White Chicks 6] Love thisContinue reading “Exam Period Picks”

This Week’s Picks: June 9, 2013

By: Gabriela Yareliz Hello dear ones, I am in a new city for the summer…ahh, yes, summer intern. I am in an Ernest Hemingway kind of mood this week. Despite my dislike for his storylines, he has always had something valuable to say. Take wisdom, and run with it. Of course, along with Hemingway areContinue reading “This Week’s Picks: June 9, 2013”

This Week’s Picks: March 10, 2013

By: Gabriela Yareliz Hey guys, Here are fabulous thoughts to inspire your week. 1] Jueves, Thursday March 11, 2004 In Madrid 192 people died in the terrorist attacks. This song was dedicated to those victims and it is one of my favorite songs by La Oreja de Van Gogh. Remembering the victims of this tragedyContinue reading “This Week’s Picks: March 10, 2013”