Excerpt from The Clarity Cleanse, by Dr. Habib Sadeghi: “The more we reach for clarity, the more space we create in our consciousness. The more space we create, the more room there is inside of us for love to expand and grow. Love is a natural state of being, the divine state of being. WhenContinue reading “Clarity”

That Kind of Love

It’s amazing to find that love that makes you feel safe. You know– that love where you know everything will be okay because you have this incredible force of love and strength in your life. A love that is enduring through time, where years later, while you just sit there and talk, you can smileContinue reading “That Kind of Love”

Construction Paper Hearts

(A vulnerable and open brain dump that marks the beginning of some serious healing. Proceed if you dare.) By: Gabriela Yareliz Some of us in the world experience a deep rejection and distancing from a close family member. Maybe, it’s a sibling or even a spouse. Where close love can exist, true pain can alsoContinue reading “Construction Paper Hearts”