Epiphanies (with a tissue in hand)

By: Gabriela Yareliz

The internet is about to be down for a couple of hours. (Shall we resume the discussion on first-world problems?)

Today, I realized:

1) Being sick always brings me epiphanies. Is it the delirious feeling, the loss of fluids or the medication?

2) The key is finding contentment even when you are exhausted beyond belief and not exactly enjoying yourself. Otherwise, it’s simple. It’s like the concept of loving your enemies. It’s easy to love those who love you, but when it comes to loving an enemy, that is where the test begins and ends.

3) We must never forget the things we are good at. Sometimes, we are stuck doing things we may not be good at or learning, and then we feel like we suck at life–forgetting that there is another place in a comfort bubble of knowledge where we dominate and hunt, kill and eat.

4) Neighbors can be good; like in the Mr. Rogers kind of way.

5) Never give up.

Internet-less hours–bring it on.


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