#EuroPower #BecauseFutbol

Bastian Schweinsteiger after the final whistle blow. World Champions!

Mario Götze: the goal scorer.

Shallow Soccer Commentary Brought to You By: Gabriela Yareliz

For those of you who have been reading my World Cup 2014 blurbs, you know Germany made my “favorites” list after seeing its skill and Mats Hummels face.

This was difficult to maintain during the France (my team) and Germany face-off, but it was hard to be mad at a team that played so well. Even Benzema clapped for them (France played very well, too). Brazil proved me right when Germany gave it the beating of its life. Brazil couldn’t keep it together without Neymar. And I will go as far to say that Argentina was its equivalent in my mind. Without Messi–Argentina would have almost nothing. I felt that if Argentina won the cup, it wouldn’t be Argentina; it would have been Messi’s cup, and I wondered if one man could take them all the way. It’s a heavy burden to carry. I have nothing against Messi; I actually think it’s messed up how much they place on this one man–this proved to #fail when everything they hoped for depended on him.

It was a fun beginning. I enjoyed seeing Merkel and Putin sitting in the same row. Random. David Beckham also made a random cameo. Argentina actually played hard tonight (the reason why they had to go into overtime).

I have seen almost every (if not every) Argentina match, and I was always bored watching them. I never found Messi’s game saving goals glorious (it always felt like Argentina was barely scraping by)–and this is coming from me, I can accept the magic when I see it.

Mats Hummels after the final whistle. Exhausted.

Mats Hummels was gorgeous and visibly tired; Muller is always legit; Schweinsteiger worked his butt off, and one of the commentators said, “I think he’s set a record for player who has been treated the most out on the field.” He was very, errr injured. And Mario Gotze– What a goal! A sub came in and showed the world the reason why he was chosen for the national team. I was sitting in the Paley Center for Media (shout-out to the Center which had a big screen, air conditioning and amazing comfy seats), in the dark, and when that goal was scored, many of us sitting in the center front screamed with euphoria that had been pent up for more than 90 minutes.

The game ended with a free kick for Argentina. Messi decided to try to make it in from where he was–> #fail, but I felt for him. Not for Argentina, but only for him. Too much pressure. Turns out one man can’t carry an entire country on his shoulders.

Can I just say that Argentina’s goalie, Romero, has got to be one of the most obnoxious men on the planet? His demeanor is just arrogant.

There were a lot of yellow cards, violent kicks, injuries, some blood and screaming.

Some things I enjoyed included: the Italian referee, Nicola Rizzoli.

He was fun to watch (I love watching the refs), and incredibly charming. I am a fan! I also became a Michael Ballack fan (commentator, former German Captain 2004-2010).

Finally, I loved how the wives and children came onto the field to celebrate with the team. The Germans recognize that what matters is to celebrate with those who you love and those who sacrifice to help you achieve.

Well deserved, Germany! To all who were criticizing me for supporting the European teams and lecturing me on how arrogant Latin American teams are the best and have always been the best, I feel vindicated…Today, you saw #EuroPower. South American teams like Brazil and Argentina were puffed up balloons just waiting to be popped.

Time to celebrate! #BecauseFutbol

Chancellor Merkel getting down with her team!


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