La Seduction

By: Gabriela Yareliz

This week, I bought a fabulous little book called La Seduction by Elaine Sciolino, a Paris-based journalist. The book is about French politics and the art of seduction (no, not the sexual kind, per se)…
This is an art I need to solidly learn. I mean, when I took the book to the register, the bookseller looked at me, down at the book, and then up at me again. I realized the book title made it look like a romance novel (or something risqué). The cover photo of some black heels didn’t help dispel the erroneous impression of the genre. I smiled and said, “It was in the France History section, I swear.” The bookseller laughed. I gave a Mona Lisa smile.
La Seduction–Day 1. 😉

“It is not enough to conquer, one must also know how to seduce.” –Voltaire, Mérope

Photo by: Associated Press
Two of my favorites: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy with Nicolas Sarkozy


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