Last Month’s Picks: June, 2014

Dear friends,
Happy July. June has come quickly and vanished faster than it arrived. It was a month of a lot of learning, soccer and adrenaline for me. There were some moments of serious reflection. My cousin passed away. I thank everyone who prayed for him. Please continue to pray for my family. The month left us with a lot to process.

1] Happy Birthday to the lovely Sonam Kapoor.

2] When you make a new day exciting with a new clothes combination (often occurs when you need to do laundry).  


3] Enrique Iglesias’ new song is refreshing (different from other things he’s done).


4] People can be jealous and vicious– when that happens and someone makes a snarky comment, remember:

5] Karim Benzema and the France v. Honduras match

6] Magic System’s Song: Magic in the Air- playing popularly on NRJ France Radio

Sometimes, we can make strangers our own.

8] “I’ve become more beautiful with age.” Monica Bellucci


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