Thoughts From Group Matches (So Far)


By: Gabriela Yareliz
We’ve all had our thoughts as we watch the matches.
All of our thoughts are seeped in biases and hopes.
Below is the song Univision plays at every halftime and at
the end of the matches. It is the soundtrack to this post. Why not?

Casillas (Spain Goalkeeper), we love you. We do. We remember your skill and charisma in 2010 South Africa. Let’s not repeat this years’ match against the Netherlands… Help Spain beat Chile tomorrow. Please!

“The Netherlands played phenomenally, and we didn’t. I also didn’t play well and what happened happened, we knew at 1-3 it was over. We had certain expectations but we did things badly. We’re sure that this will change. It doesn’t mean anything. But we have to think about Chile now as if it were the final.”

– Iker Casillas, after Spain’s match against Netherlands | 13-06-14


Mats Hummels (Germany), you have made us all Germany fans when you showed your face. Your header goal, you gorgeous man, made us cheer. You are the reason many of us will be following Germany into the semi-finals. The longer we get to see your face, the better.

Guillermo Ochoa (Mexico Goalkeeper), you are the goalkeeper of all goalkeepers. You showed Brazil who was boss, and we loved it. You were like a mattress that every ball at every angle bounced off of.

John Brooks (USA), your header for the USA made us BELIEVE. We all screamed, and Ghana’s coach’s face said WTH?

Pepe (Portugal), you got red carded (not good). The German superstar was a crybaby, though. We know; we saw what happened. You were one of the only ones on the Portugal team who played like a boss. I have a soft spot for red carded bosses (i.e. Zidane).

Dear Karim Benzema (France), you brought back memories of French men jumping out of their cars screaming when Zidane would score. You brought back the magic for me this year. France, you have played like a team. Let’s see more of this ruthless, neat, magical team.

Robben (Netherlands), you are the beast from Holland. AH-MA-ZING! And memorable. I remember that incredible bald head of yours from 2010–you continue, just as fantastic.


Brazil, we all knew you’d beat Croatia (no offense Croatia). Your first real match was with Mexico– it was zero-zero because you both played well. Don’t think we didn’t notice your initial arrogance (Dani Alves, we are looking at you) and biased refs, though.

Neymar, your hair looks fine–and you know it.

Robben (Holland) and Casillas (Spain Goalkeeper)

Spain, that was not a rematch with the Netherlands. You didn’t play.

Switzerland, you surprised us all.

France, no one knew what to expect. You fulfilled all of les bleus expectations, hopes and dreams against Honduras. Let’s see more.

Argentina, watching you was boring. Bosnia is an excellent team. Your goals were overrated and lacking glory. Don’t get too arrogant; a team like the Netherlands could leave you in the dust if you keep playing that way.

Portugal, you lost to Germany because you played like pretty boys. Germany, we are impressed.

USA, we believe. 🙂

We’ll see who makes it to stage 2.


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