Late Spring Picks, 2014

My anthem. Life is about knowing your purpose and not giving up as you walk in the direction of your dreams.

Hello dear readers,

It’s summer in New York! The tree pollen today almost killed me, but all is well. Or should I say, “Alll izzz well”?

It has been so long. I know. I am sorry. It was a whirlwind of a season, filled with exams, a lovely and restful visit home and a new season of work.

I pulled together some things I had saved as drafts a while back and compiled them into this post in an effort to “catch up”…

I am a year older now. With that comes a new effort to be more professional, meaning more mature and put together, I suppose. It’s not always easy, but it’s part of life. We grow. Life is easier when we are honest about who we are and when we have a sense of humor, but growing always hurts a little.

There is so much in the world that can make us all copies, but what truly makes us unique is our souls. That is why I think taking care of our souls, like a garden, is so important.

Life can get hectic. Life brings its trials. There are people to gain respect from and floods of information to deal with. Sometimes, it feels like you’ve been hit by a fire hose. It really makes you live your life, moment to moment, praying for wisdom and the strength and skill to do what you need to do.

A constant reliance on God.

I’m learning about guarding my heart. Sometimes, we think of guarding our hearts in regards to romance or purity only, but I think this can also apply to guarding our hearts from tension, stress and oftentimes even people who may not want all you have to offer, even in friendship or simple advice. A balance between being there for people but also not pouring all your energies into other’s problems that they could solve if they cared enough to solve them.

It’s been a season of blessings. Life is always beautiful as it continues to unfold, and God continues to speak to us in different ways. He ALWAYS lets us know He is watching us, and we are never alone. Of this I am sure.

Below are some people, photos, songs and things that evoked a certain feeling or inspired me in a special way in the past couple of weeks.

Be inspired. Be you.

May each day be a constant growth and improvement. May each day be a new experience of trusting in God. May each day be a day of blessing.

Take care of yourself. Laugh. Love. Extend your hand beyond yourself.


PS. The post is a bit long. There are great videos and photos. Hope you enjoy!

1] Let’s start with a manifesto
Clinique hit the ball out of the park with this video/ad. I saw it, and it was what I needed in that moment.
Let’s call it the “I Will” Manifesto.

A new memoir by Hillary R. Clinton, Hard Choices
Her first memoir was so fantastic; here is part II. She will be at the Union Square Barnes & Noble, June 10, for book signing.

The best of Cannes 2014 (and some flashbacks)

The video really sums up this year’s magic. I look forward to L’Oreal’s looks and ambassadors each year at the most glamorous red carpet in the world.

The looks:

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. A sharp couple. They had everyone’s jaws dropping every night.

Marion Cotillard, Cannes 2014

Sonam Kapoor, Cannes 2014

Aishwarya Rai, Cannes 2014.
She said, “I’M BACK!”

Leila Bekhti, Closing Ceremony, Cannes 2012

Leila Bekhti and Sonam Kapoor Cannes 2014 for L’Oreal

Marion Cotillard is brilliance

Amal Alamuddin, international lawyer and fiancée to George Clooney. Powerhouse woman.


Dr. L and Dr. C always make me smile.

Because that season finale made EVERYONE scream.

I love this song, and I love the clips.

Being in love seems like magic. A strange stability. It’s like your heart never stops racing. It’s like your eyes turn to fire. It’s peace and curiosity mixed in one. It’s like water poured into a cup that is already full, which makes it spill over.

Tal is such a fantastic artist. One of my favorites. Always bold; always inspiring; always direct; always blessed.
Maintenant ou Jamais–Now or Never.

Vogue India’s piece on Ricken Patel’s Avaaz was interesting. Avaaz means voice in several European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages. Check it out, and join the civic engagement. Join a cause, or start one of your own.


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