Do you have any idea…

what we are going through?

New York is under a mattress of snow. I have seen people try to get out of their parallel parking spots and slam into the car behind them. I have seen people try to park between mountains of snow. Some guys were shoveling today outside of the church, and the pile of snow was taller than me (perhaps not hard to do, but nonetheless impressive).

Walking outside is virtually impossible because there is so much snow coming down so fast. The chess players, art vendors and people usually there to chill (they are probably thawing now) weren’t even around Union Square.

Walking across the street becomes some awkward slide fest–but lucky for me, no one saw because the snow had them blinded.

I feel like going outside and finding Narnia…
but with all of this snow, I may not see the lamppost.

No winter lasts forever, though.
So, I guess we’ll enjoy winter storm number 6(?) while it lasts.
-Gabriela Yareliz


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