The Lord will provide

Based on Tony Evans: Jehovah Jireh-The Lord Will Provide message (click here to listen)

Sometimes, a condition to a blessing is action. God provides when He sees us act in faith.

Jireh, means to see. Provision requires pre-vision. “It’s when He [God] sees, that He provides.”

“Could it be you’ve been waiting for five years for something God would’ve given to you in five minutes, if He still wasn’t waiting for you to complete your sacrifice.” Dr. Tony Evans

Just as in the case of Abraham, when he was tested and told to sacrifice Isaac, God often waits to see if we are willing to sacrifice what we love most (the blessing) to obey and show superior love to the blessor. Sacrificing Isaac was a test because God provided a ram for the sacrifice.

Sometimes, our solution is right next to us (like the ram in the story of Abraham), but we’ll never know it until God sees we are ready for Him to reveal it. Abraham had to put Isaac on the altar for the provision of the ram to be revealed.

God gives, but He often wants to see what we are willing to give up when we worship.

When God instructed Abraham, Abraham arose immediately to comply.

“Delayed obedience is immediate disobedience. Partial obedience is complete disobedience.” Dr. Tony Evans.

We often want delayed or partial obedience and full manifestation. God doesn’t work that way. (Paraphrase)

God put Abraham in a situation that only He [God] could fix Himself.

Are you willing to give to God the thing you love most?

“Are you willing to trust God with your Isaac?”

Isaac is a type of everything God wants to give you. He wants to know He has you before He unleashes the blessings from heaven and pours them on you. (Paraphrase)

“When Abraham was willing to put Isaac on the table, He got Isaac and everything else. Some of us are willing to keep Isaac and give up Isaac plus everything else.” Dr. Tony Evans



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