A Scandalous Gabby & Feisty Felicia Playlist II


By: Gabriela Yareliz ft. Feisty Feliz

Here are the college days. We walked around UF, I laid on benches on grassy lawns, Fel had cool labs, and I got to chase people down for articles. I hung out at her food engineering lab and interviewed every international student there for a feature piece. We disrupted the quiet floors at the Marston Science Library, and every morning she could find me at the same computer in the second to back row. We weren’t riding around together anymore. I had my car that I would commute with and start my mornings with Kidd Kraddick, she rode the bus since she was local. The following are hits of the time that we both listened to, and some we shared despite being in different departments, courses of study and different modes of transportation. The Spanish songs are mine.

The oldies continue πŸ˜‰


College- University of Florida

1] Antoine Dodson–Bed intruder song: We were obsessed with this guy’s video. Hide ya kids!

2] Rihanna–California Kingbed: Fabulous melody.

3]Ke$ha–Tik Tok: Overplayed on the radio.

4] BoB–Airplanes: One of my favorites


5] Owl City–Fireflies: This one annoyed me at first, but it was played so much. This song reminds me of the light in front of the Oaks Mall.

6] Pussycat Dolls–Jai Ho: YES.

7] Camila–Entre tus alas: My favorite from that CD.

8] One Republic–All the right moves: I had a weird fascination with this song. I remember one day Fel was like, I heard this on the Christian station. Weird.


9] Tinie Tempah–Written in the stars: One of the jams.


10] Black-Eyed Peas–Where is the Love?: All their songs are great, but this one is at the top of the list.

11] Camila–Mientes: Perfection. I heard this for the first time driving to Orlando.

12] Sean Kingston–Shawty’s like a melody: Shawty. That word has always made me laugh. Fel knows.

13] Boys like Girls ft. Taylor Swift–Two is better than one: So cute. This song would come on by my house.


14] Don Omar–Danza Kuduro: Both Fel and I are fans.

15] Miley Cyrus–Party in the USA: I know Felicia introduced me to this song when it first came out.

16] Carlos Baute ft. Marta Sanchez– Colgando en tus manos: I loved this song so much I would share it with everyone. My friend’s mom used it for her wedding song. I introduced her to it πŸ™‚

17] Lady Antebellum–Just a Kiss: This song would come on as I was going to work. It became a classic.


18] Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat– Lucky: Perfection. A good wedding song.

19] Parachute–Kiss me slowly: This song was one of those country road songs that would come on between Archer and Newberry.

20] Mat Kearny–Like ships in the night: This was played on the Christian Station: Air One.

21] Adele– Fire to the Rain: Fel was so excited about this song, she stuck a headphone in my ear as I was sitting on a Reitz Union Colonnade bench.

[What we did instead of studying at Marston]

22] Celine Dion–I drove all night: Me of course. After seeing her world tour dvd, this was stuck in my head for months.

23] Katy Perry–Firework: Everyone felt empowered by the lyrics.

24] Gym Class Heroes–Stereohearts: I would drive around the block one more time just to hear this song.

25] Train–Soul Sister: Everyone was singing it.

26] Ke$ha–Your love’s my drug: Cute.

27] Demi Lovato–Skyscraper: Her comeback. Truly emotional.


28] Jay Z–Run this town: Felicia and I on University Ave. I think we had just gone to get ice cream.

29] One Direction–One Thing: I loved them before they were famous.

30] Natasha Bedingfield–Neon Lights: Love this song.

31] Colbie Caillat–Brighter than the sun: Would always come on in Archer.


Below are some of the present songs playing. By now, we listen to very different stuff. She likes hip-hop/ rap Christian music (that I can’t understand hahaha), and I listen to music in random languages, but I still stick with some pop. Here is to the present hits.

Prof School
Feisty Feliz: Pharm School
Gabriela Y: Law School

1] Brandon & Leah–Life happens: One of my finds.

2] Matisyahu–Sunshine: Felicia found this and shared with me.

3] Andy Grammer–It’s fine by me: Adorable song.

4] Penn masala– Because of you: Fel found this. LOOOVEEE.

5] Natasha Bedingfield–A little too much: A law school song thanks to Something Borrowed.

6] Cher Lloyd–Oath: A song I shared with Fel.

7] Rita Ora–Shine ya light: Hardcore.

8] Fifth Harmony–Miss. Movin’ On: I like this song.

9] JT–Mirrors: Full of meaning. Weird video.

10] Ne-Yo and Cher Lloyd– It’s all good: A fab new song.

11] Michel Telo–Ai se eu te pego: This song we jammed to in D.C. on internship.

Hope you found something you loved or remembered. The musical journey is not over. It probably never will be.

With love,


Feisty Feliz

Scandalous Gabby


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