He had another work for him…

“But that the Lord would not now give him strength to labor in the field, for He had another work for him; that he must walk out by faith…”– {1T 87.2} Ellen G. White

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Sometimes we have a narrow view of what it is we want; and sometimes, what we have in mind, is not what God has in mind for us. If we are willing to accept the will of God for our lives, we may find He has another work for us. This can happen with ministry, the way we serve, our studies, our jobs, our relationships, etc.

When I read this, it emphasized in my mind how important it is to pray. As we pray, God’s will unfolds in our lives day by day.

If there is something you are trying to do, and you find no strength, prayerfully consider–could it be God has another place in mind for you, that you may walk out by faith and flourish?

God always has our best in mind; it’s up to us to accept to walk out by faith and live it.

It’s often good to have an open mind. God is an artist. Our lives are in no way meant to be boring. As my mom likes to say, ‘you are God’s dream.’ He has plans for you. Living the plans, requires faith. Faith means living on the edge. You game?


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