A Scandalous Gabby & Feisty Felicia Playlist I


By: Gabriela Yareliz feat. Feisty Feliz

We are best friends but also very different. And yet, through the years we have shared a lot of music. Music becomes a backdrop for life; then, when you look back, it takes you back to those days. So, here is to the days of driving around in Felicia’s mom’s car to high school and then to my house to do homework.

Fair warning, the lyrics to all the songs are not exactly Kosher, and the videos–well, videos always tend to be weirder than the songs; but this is the music that played at the mall, at pep rallies, on our radios while we lived our lives in high school. This is only part I. College and Professional School get their own playlist.

Maybe you are older or younger, but maybe as you peruse the list, you will find an old favorite.

The songs are the ones that we would quote, dance to and some of their lyrics became every day expressions or advice. They are here years later because that shows how much we loved them and how much we remember them. Some songs annoyed us (mainly me…), but remained, and now I smile. People like to reminisce and look at oldies: these are OUR OLDIES; OUR CLASSICS. Apparently, we didn’t listen to many Caucasian people. I noticed that while compiling the list (innocent grin).

There are also some quotes sprinkled in from those amazing days (YES, we wrote our own quotes down in notebooks and then compiled them). A personal thank you to my non-existent Facebook that provided my old notes with the quotes in them. I bad-mouth you much Facebook, but today, you were my friend.

Welcome to our high school musical.

Our ode to friendship, life, time, school and love.

High School-BHS class of 2009


1] Alicia Keys–No One: We were huge Alicia Keys fans. Still are.

2] Neyo– Miss. Independent: One of Fel’s jams.

3] Soulja Boy–Crank that: Everyone at our high school would dance to this.

“So how do you know. . .guess?” -Kaitlyn
“Well that’s the problem with numerical methods” –Mr. S (math instructor)
“If there’s a problem with numerical methods and we’re in math, then we have a problem!” –Felicia

4] Rihanna–Umbrella: A classic. /Said I’ll always be your friend.. I’m gonna stick it out until the end/

5] Pussycat Dolls–I hate this part: Reminds me of Sarisky’s class for some reason.


6] DJ UnK–Walk it out: I remember people dancing to this during the cinco de mayo festival at our high school.

“I think it’s weird that they used to only sell condoms to guys back in the day…” Felicia
“What’s the girl gonna do with them? Throw them at the guy while he’s in heat?” Gabby

7] Graham Colton–Best Days: Was almost our graduation song.

8]Lil Mama– Lip Gloss: Whatchu Know bout me? My lip gloss is poppin’…

9] Fergie–Big Girls Don’t Cry: This song reminds me of the railroad tracks you had to pass before leaving the subdivision area onto 441.

“I don’t like anything.” Gabby
“So you’re asexual.” Fefe
“That’s right.. I bud.” Gabby

10] Timbaland, Keri Hilson–The Way I Are:
Me: The way I are? The way I is? Neither sounds right…
Fel: That’s because it’s ‘the way I am’…

11] Shakira and Beyoncé– Beautiful Liar: I have no recollection of this song, but Fel liked it.


12] Fergie–Glamorous: High School parking lot

13] HSM–Soarin’: When I opened my birthday card from Fel, it sang:

14] Alicia Keys and Jay Z–Empire State of Mind:

SPECIAL FEATURE SONG **15]Rihanna and T.I.–Live your life: was supposed to be our graduation song. Our end of Senior Year obsession.

“I love the guy with turrets. I’ll marry him.” –Gabby

16] Kanye West–Stronger: This song kept coming on at French State… I loved it.


17] Beyoncé– Irreplaceable: Drivers Ed song

18] Soulja Boy–Kiss me through the phone: I never liked this song…It was so popular…

“I like how you are the whore in the play…” Fel to me

19] Keri Hilson–Knock you down:

20] Beyoncé–Halo: adore this song.

“I don’t want yo body.” Fefe
“I need yo body.” Andy
“If you’ve got me you don’t need nobody” together

21] T.I.–Whatever you like: Andy used to just start singing: ‘Cause I want yo body, need yo body…’ She even had a little dance to it. Akash would sing this all the time. Let’s just say, everyone sang this song.


22] Gwen Stefani–Hollaback Girl: Can anyone say PEP RALLY???

“Alyssa changed her screen name ‘gummybear0708’, she’s really undercover now…” Fel

23] Justin Nozuka–After Tonight: We were such Nozuka fans. Sexy voice.

24] T.I.–Dead and Gone: We would sing this TOO MUCH. /I turn my head to the East, ain’t nobody by my side…/

“Oh my neck, oh my spinal cord!” -me

25] Lady Gaga–Poker Face: This is where I learned what Russian Roulette was.


26] Taylor Swift–Love Story:

“Imagine me twice as wide and get out of my space!” –Felicia

27] Jason Derulo–Whatcha Say: One of my personal obsessions in high school.

28] Enur–Calabria: We would dance to this every morning for a while.

“I was like, ‘guardian angel make invisible!’ have you ever thought of that? I have.” Me

29] Natasha Beddingfield–Unspoken:

30] Shontelle–T-Shirt:


“We are not normal, are we? No, we’re abnormally intelligent people that are sexy?! You know there’s some validity to that.” –will remain anonymous 😉 (on seeing whether honors classes were a good idea at UF.)


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