This Week’s Picks: September 15, 2013/ To a bold autumn!

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Another week begins. Each week, each day, each hour, brings its own trials and hurdles, but also its beauty. It is cooler now, the leaves will soon begin to turn. I know that technically fall doesn’t start until the twenty-something of Sept., but I say it starts now. It doesn’t last long. The leaves turn and fall in like a week’s time. It’s a blur. So let’s take it in now, let’s take it slow, and adore it.

“The happiness of heaven will be found by conforming to the will of God, and if men become members of the royal family in heaven, it will be because heaven has begun with them on earth…”– {Hvn 171.3} Ellen G. White

2] Gala Gonzalez’s blue dress:

3] Priyanka’s Voluminous Hair

“Prayer is the life of the soul; it is feeding on Christ; it is turning our faces fully toward the Sun of Righteousness. As we turn our faces toward Him, He turns His face toward us. He longs to give us divine grace; and as we draw nigh to God with full assurance of faith, our spiritual conceptions are quickened. We do not then walk in blindness, bemoaning our spiritual barrenness; for by diligent, prayerful searching of the Word of God, we apply His rich promises unto our souls. Angels draw close to our side, and the enemy with his manifold devices is driven back.”—The Signs of the Times, July 31, 1893. – {Hvn 171.5} Ellen G. White

5] This made me laugh: Moms are always trying to make sure everything is taken care of for us…

6] Fall inspiration:

7] “I’m a leaf that’s gone falling free…and you can’t see the spring until you’re like the leaves, here on the autumn ground.” Ben Rector (He is a new favorite)


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