Recipe to have a life

By: Gabriela Yareliz

My motto: Law school (or any school or work for that matter) is a part of my life, it is not my life.

I think how you live your life depends on how you think of your life and what you want for yourself. It’s a conscious decision. If you don’t make it, then life will spiral out of control and things and circumstances will control you.

Life is too short to not enjoy the sunshine and beauty around us.

Here is my best advice, which I will try to follow again as this year commences:

1] Stay connected to God: This gives so much perspective.

2] Sleep: Don’t miss your REM sleep. Better to sleep early and wake up early, than to suffer during the day and not function effectively.

3] Eat well: Eating out kills the body and wallet. Cooking is therapy.

4] Exercise: Having a fabulous body, and work out in whatever style you choose. It will make you smile.

5] Community Involvement: Giving back and interacting with others gives you perspective. Effect Change.

6] Explore new places: Never let curiosity die.

7] Find a hobby; something to learn about

8] Invest time in looking good: If all else goes wrong, at least you look good, right?

9] Laugh

[The summer dance: Carlos Danger.]

10] Befriend those who surround you

11] Keep in touch

12] Spend time outside.


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