Viviendo [living]: Adamari Lopez

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Today, I finished Viviendo, by Puerto Rican actress Adamari Lopez (one of my favorite actresses from childhood). It was a masterful story-telling of her life so far; from when she was born to her meeting and being pursued by Luis Fonsi, her engagement to Fonsi, her telenovela success, her being diagnosed with cancer, her wedding to Fonsi, his unconditional support, losing her breasts, losing her hair, her recooperation, her husband continually cheating on her, Fonsi leaving her, her divorce battle, her hope rekindled only to find out her soon-to-be ex-husband was expecting a child with another woman. You go on a roller coaster–up and down, with her. You feel for her. You want to scream with her.You hope for her; you root for her. You almost pray for her in your mind as you read.

She is strangely “politically correct” with her family. The kindness extends even with her cheating ex-husband. She speaks the truth yet still defends people despite their faults.

She is unequivocabley positive, constantly. She shows tremendous growth in the book. She grows wiser and stronger, as I think we all have the opportunity to do when we are faced with unexpected loss, pain and grief. Sometimes, she sounds like a friend sharing a hilarious story with you, and at other times, she sounds like a friend giving wise advice.

It is a story about how our experiences shape us and how people change, how people sometimes settle, and how we can rise above all adversity.

It is about God’s blessings, an angelic doctor’s hands, family support and a change in values.

She goes from caring one day about what dress she is going to wear, to then fighting for her life and sacrificing beauty, energy and emotional needs; sometimes swallowing everything and clinging with the tips of her nails to faith.

In her story, there is something for everyone to identify with. True love and values often comes from suffering. Pain sometimes acts as the agent that removes the blindfold from our shallow vision.

Luis Fonsi was terrible to her. It is a nightmare how some people chase others when they want to date and marry them, and then put them through hell. It is amazing how much she still respects him. She never says something bad about him, only the facts.

Who she is today is an amazing update from the old Adamari who was already bubbly and fantastic.
She is dating Toni Costa, her tango dance partner from Mira Quien Baila!, a man who is good to her and waaaay better looking than Luis Fonsi.

She won the dancing competition, Mira Quien Baila! She donated the amount to her charity of choice, Susan G. Komen for the Cure. She also has her own talk show.

No matter what, she continues to love, she continues to dance, and she continues to smile.

For a book that will inspire you, and make your feel like you sat through long hours of chemotherapy at times, and at others like you danced on top of the world, pick up Viviendo, a book and life that teaches what living is all about.

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