Hurricane Sandy: Waiting for the tide

By: Gabriela Yareliz

(Below is my screen shot while watching the Weather Channel)

7:40 p.m.

Here we are. This morning, the people across the street were watching Spongebob (their window was open). Now, they are watching the Weather Channel like the rest of us. I have been watching all day. I like how professors still expect you to read. Like we can focus in a time of emergency. They are apparently not in Manhattan too? OR IN ANY OF THE 8 STATES BEING AFFECTED! It is like there is nowhere to go. Virginia is under snow, and it won’t stop snowing. New Jersey is underwater. Boston has billboards falling, Penn is shut down, Conneticut and Rhode Island have new lakes (former parking lots), and Manhattan has a crane dangling from a building and NY has 600,000 + without power. Chicago is even experiencing amazing waves. THE GREAT LAKES. North Carolina has flooding. Shall I continue?

This is incredible. That is what the weathermen have been saying all day as the wind blows their hoods off, and they try to open their eyes while looking at the camera. It is incredible to see as conditions have changed in the same places throughout the day. One more hour for high tide. I want to see how much the water will rise. I have a bag packed so if I have to run up a couple floors, I can.

I have been nervously eating Kbars (which I got yesterday after my self-defense class–yes, I can break your nose or worse), apples and macaronis with cashew cheese (that I made with my mom’s yummy recipe). I will be 5 pounds heavier by the end of the week. Kidding. Thank God Con Ed hasn’t shut down power in my area.

It is crazy, but I haven’t heard any rain. The wind has been howling, but no wind so far. I am tired of hearing weather channel music. I am amazed that someone woke up one morning and said they wanted to be the guy getting blown across a platform during a storm, but God bless them.

8:11 p.m. “Hurricane Sandy’s Devastation Imminent”– who told that person the headline was calming and informative? Talk about raising panic. Battery Park is flooding. The Weather Channel is still super excited about the tide, as if they want it to be worse than Irene. They say the East Village is flooded up to E. 14th Street. That means flooding might reach Union Square and Gandhi… :/ Lights are flickering…

James Bruno (Commissioner, NYC OEM): “We are 30-35 min. of the peak of high tides… winds at 60-70 mph… A lot of flooding.”

And we wait… which is what we have been doing all day.


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