Hurricane Sandy

By: Gabriela Yareliz

So… this is me. Trying to finish off as much frozen food as I can before Hurricane Sandy hits. They are closing the mass transit system down, so there will be no transportation, hence no school. (They still haven’t officially announced it, but I will do it for them.) So I am trapped in the middle of Manhattan not far from the ocean on all sides. GREAAAAAAATTT. This afternoon, I am going to a self-defense class and then returning home to keep amassing my cans. Yesterday, my friend and I went out, and the shelves were bare. We got some stuff, including some pathetic scented candles and water. No flashlights left. It is the NYU students hoarding all the flashlights. I know it.

Please PRAY for us. This storm is a category one, yet it is a unique and strange little psycho creature. It is taking a left hook and entering through Long Island.

Halloween (which I don’t celebrate), for the strange law students dressing up as Jersey Shore characters, is ruined. Yes, I am talking to you.

Anyway, here comes Sandy. I literally have to go, and eat some defrosted and cooked food before I head out to find more food that won’t “perish.”

Peace and love. And PRAY.

God is in control.



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