Remembering September 11, 2001

By: Gabriela Yareliz

It is September 11 today. Eleventh year since the tragedy that struck so many innocent lives.

Today, I went to the Night of Remembrance at the Manhattan Seventh-day Adventist Church, and it was phenomenal.

A lot of people showed up, and the musicians were wonderful. Poets shared (The Two Titans and Heroes were the poems of the night), musicians shared pieces they wrote and covers to other songs while the rest of us cried and sat there meditating on meaningful words.

I thought about how we can never doubt God’s goodness no matter how much sin and selfishness makes us lose in this world, and that we must remember, as my mom always reminds me, that God gave it all for us.

I remembered being on the air force base that day, eleven years ago, and how everything changed for all people in the military. The fear; the uncertainty; the goodbyes.

Politically, one can go into depths talking about this–but I won’t. I want to keep it focused on the people and lives lost and sacrificed; the true heroes who ran into collapsing buildings; the men and women who lived with fear in their hearts from then on–

While walking home tonight, when the street light made traffic stop, photographers would run into the street to take photos of the lights illuminating two light towers. Eleven years later they are still getting those pictures. Eleven years later we are reminded that the FRIENDS skyline is not the same. The sky in New York is healing. For now, we will sleep in the glow of the new Freedom Tower inspiring us to never forget the lives lost and inspiring us to never lose hope.




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