Redemption is not replacing what was lost, but instead, the healing of the wounds that came about from the loss and the gifting of something even more profound, which makes you whole. -Gabriela Y.



“Protest is not un-American, it is often the most American thing we can do.” @corybooker

Love Goggles

Let us seek wholeness. Let’s look at each other through love goggles. Let’s not list that which makes us or others imperfect. We don’t need someone to tell us, each of us knows our flaws.

Here is the key: It’s only love that helps us grow.

“Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that lead to the most profound change.” Goop Podcast, “How To Move On From Your Imperfect Childhood,” May 10, 2018 (available on iTunes)

Grace and Healing

It is my prayer to grow in grace for myself and others. Sometimes, we allow our past or baggage to weigh us down. Things trigger us as humans, and we are left standing there, feeling as we did in the past. For some, that means: rejected, controlled, abandoned, laughed at, ostracized, unseen, betrayed– no one makes it out of life unscathed.

But when will we learn? When will we see that the future is ours. That healing comes when we let go of who we think we are and reframe who we are through God’s eyes and love. I fully believe that the narrative we allow ourselves to hear can either heal us or destroy us.

Here is to more grace and healing. Be kind to yourself, and then, you will probably be kinder to others.


Excerpt from The Clarity Cleanse, by Dr. Habib Sadeghi:

“The more we reach for clarity, the more space we create in our consciousness. The more space we create, the more room there is inside of us for love to expand and grow.

Love is a natural state of being, the divine state of being. When we empty ourselves of all the clutter and muck we have been needlessly carrying around with us from experience to experience, love naturally grows in the space we have created. As it says in the Bible (I John 4:8 NIV), ‘Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.'”

“Too often people resign themselves to living lives that aren’t worthy of them because they don’t think they can have something better. I believe every one of us can have more, can be more. There are numerous statements in the Bible that assure us God is willing to give us more if we only ask for it, such as, ‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.’ (Matthew 7:7 NIV).


Too many of us lose out on a great relationship, fulfilling job, a beautiful experience, a full and wonderful life because we don’t ask for it. We don’t ask because we don’t believe we can have it. There are no shortcuts to living the life you’ve always wanted to live, to be the person you’ve always wanted to be. You have to believe, you have to ask, and you have to do the work– […] There’s a difference between asking for tea with your cup held tightly to your breast so that it’s difficult for the pourer to reach it and asking with your arm outstretched, holding your empty cup out in an open gesture of receiving.” Dr. Habib Sadeghi, 239-240, The Clarity Cleanse

“There’s a difference between asking for tea with your cup held tightly to your breast so that it’s difficult for the pourer to reach it and asking with your arm outstretched, holding your empty cup out in an open gesture of receiving.”

That Kind of Love

It’s amazing to find that love that makes you feel safe.

You know– that love where you know everything will be okay because you have this incredible force of love and strength in your life.

A love that is enduring through time, where years later, while you just sit there and talk, you can smile at each other and just know.

A love that binds two completely different people into something strong and unbreakable, for which no words exist.

A love where you can be so honest. A love you don’t let go of. A love you are crazy about.

A love that makes your heart swell. A love of silent understandings. A love that accepts your quirks, and who finds your nerdy weirdness endearing.

A love that starts in friendship and expands because you know you have found most amazing person you have ever met.

A love that can’t be escaped. A love that is there to rescue you and help you fix whatever needs fixing.

A love that laughs at your wacky dance. A love that helps you see the stars you never noticed.

A love that carries you when you are in pain. A love that keeps your little notes and drawings; a love that believes in your dreams more than you. A love that makes your life a garden.

A love you believe in without question. A love you never want to see a day without. A love that can block out life’s loudest noise and helps you find rest.

A love that is a home. A love that makes you better because you know that person deserves the best.

A love that changes your life. A love unmatched. A love that imparts life.