Monday Inspiration: April 27, 2015

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Hello my friends,

A lovely Monday morning to ya! Can I just say, that between Friday and today, I have learned many things. One thing being that life happens while we make plans. (This is something we know, but when it hits you ironically, then, well, I guess it’s different–it’s kind of like the distinction between knowing about someone and knowing someone). I guess I will explain more about this later. There are still a couple of things that need to be figured out before anything goes public. But I can assure you that exciting times are ahead.

Also, this weekend, I learned that it’s important to accept the phase in life that you are living. Like, you can’t expect to have stability, a house and picket fence when you are just starting out your career. There will be many shifts, moves and things to learn from. It’s in times like these that you discover whether or not you are a perfectionist. Can’t live the life of a 50 year old in your mid-twenties… or can you? The key is BE FLEXIBLE. An open mind can save you from madness.

And maybe we never have the trajectory of our lives set in stone, but life is a continuous dependence on God. Key word here being continuous.

So, cheers to adventure, life, the unexpected, the leaps of faith, the struggles, the humility, the twists, the turns, the ups, the downs, and our God-given purpose.

Turns out the Creator of that purpose knows exactly how to execute it. All He needs is willingness from us.

One of my favorite movies of all time (seriously guys, this movie is perfection) is My Life in Ruins, by the lovely Nia Vardalos. It has the handsome protagonist (Alexis Georgoulis) say a memorable line when Georgia (the female protagonist, Nia Vardalos) decides her life is in shambles, “How do you plan life?” he asks her.

How do you?

By:  Gabriela Yareliz

By: Gabriela Yareliz

“The abundant life that God has promised you isn’t for when you get married or when you get that job you always wanted. That abundant life is for every single season of your life.” Bob Beckwith

“I love that moment. When you’re on a long car ride, or listening to music, or reading. And you completely zone out. You forget your troubles, and everyone around you. You’re focused on that one thing, and that one thing only. You’re content, and everything seems peaceful.”

“God’s mercy is an uplifting blessing to your sagging spirit, a golden salve to your bleeding wounds, a heavenly cast to your broken bones, a royal chariot for your weary feet, and a sweet embrace of love for your trembling heart.”
Charles Spurgeon

“I find the best way to love someone is not to change them, but instead, help them reveal the greatest version of himself.” Steve Maraboli

“God’s timing is everything. My losses and my gains… Planned to his perfection. I’m thankful he loves me enough to teach me.” Unknown

“There is nothing more beautiful than nature early in the morning.” Vincent Van Gogh

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Friday Glee: April 24, 2015

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Things are ending slowly, quickly; regardless, they are ending.

Things are changing quickly, slowly; regardless, they are changing.

Dreams are coming true slowly, quickly; regardless, they are coming true.

These next few months will be filled with study routines, exams, airport lines, jet setting, interviews, and the beginning of a career unfolding.

I’ve lived in several states and visited plenty more, and soon I will be adding a new one to the list.

There is a quote that says, “Believe you can and you are halfway there.”

And if you believe God can, you will be there.

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Open Roses

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Life is continual growth.

Life is like a rose. Suddenly, some insecurities begin to fade; things we weren’t sure we liked about ourselves, about others; imperfections that needed to be dealt with and not just ignored; the path we are walking without a clear view of the future… And as we continue to grow and find our voice, the flower continues to open. As the flower continues to open, it graces those around with beauty and fragrance.

Resignation, never.

We continue to grow, open and flourish.

You don’t get roses without thorns on this Earth. And while the thorns hurt, we all know the rose’s beauty and symbolism makes everything worth it, despite the thorns.

Yesterday, a group of us was reflecting on growth. Growth is a powerful thing. It happens when we are willing. It happens when we are broken. It happens when we are striving. It happens when we are dreaming. It happens when we are risking.

It’s what brings magic to our lives. To grow in love. To grow in faith. To grow in hope. To grow in friendship. To grow in respect. To grow in confidence. To grow is to change, while keeping the most important essence.

Never stop growing. When we grow, we reflect beauty into the world. When we grow, we become stronger. When we grow, just as eventually a rose’s petals fall and sprinkle the air and ground, we share ourselves with others.

And even when death comes, beauty remains.

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Reflections Before Bedtime #21

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Several random thoughts:

When Aladdin asked Jasmin, “Do you trust me?” That was a deep question…You should only take risks and go on magic carpet rides with someone you would say ‘yes’ to.

Do you ever catch yourself thinking as if you are still your 15-year-old self?

The Lizzie McGuire Movie hit the nail on the head with its lesson on not trusting a good looking guy who has foreign appeal after knowing him for two days. I am looking at you Paolo… You lied to Lizzie in your hot, fake Italian accent. Not cool.

Time tells us a lot, but it can’t be rushed.

How we measure success is important. I am still refining my definition.

Sometimes, a person you spent every free moment with becomes someone very far from you. It can be sad, but what would have been worse is if things had stayed the same. (See song: Somebody That I Used To Know).

Sometimes, people tell us exactly who they are, and we ignore that. Other times people lie about who they are, and we ignore that too. #concerned

Is sleep overrated? Underrated? Or better yet, what is sleep?

Prioritizing is difficult, but if you want to stay alive, it must be done.

Does sitting for hours every day make your butt flat? This is a serious question.

If you ever do a divorce settlement, don’t let it get to your head. It can make you question too many things. Things on the negative scale go from 0 to -100, QUICK.

I leave you with the words of Lizzie McGuire: Hey now, hey now, this is what dreams are made of…

Hope you have sweet dreams, with Zero Assoluto playing in the background.

Monday Inspiration: April 20, 2015

By: Gabriela Yareliz

This weekend: I went to a beach in Long Island by impulsively stepping into a van that looks like an Access-a-Ride (totally unplanned trip); made it to the beach, but it was too cold to stand outside; got stuck in crazy traffic on a bridge as we were making our way back into Manhattan; a girl in our van vomited (poor girl–and we were still stuck in traffic); waited for a train that never came; walked about 40 blocks home in platforms; and then got home at the darkest hour of early morning. I learned that at night/early morning, that is when deliveries are made and artists decorate the windows of NYC boutiques and shops. Then, I talked to my best friend until we were practically asleep (Gilmore Girls style; I love my Ma).

I then woke up later than my set alarm and realized I had no food in the house; worked; bought sustenance; discovered that the Jordin Sparks station on Pandora plays the best hits from my high school days; read long briefs (for today’s court case); Did a template for an M&A agreement…

It was a wild weekend with little that was actually planned since Friday. It was one surprise after another–except for the empty fridge… I knew that was coming. It wasn’t procrastination; it was priorities. You know it’s going down when buying food is not your priority. It’s week 13 out of 14. My degree and student career is coming to an end. In about a month, I will have a Doctoral hood slung on me (praise the Lord!).

I am trying to keep it real as everything is coming to an end. I mean, right now, life is saying, “Pay attention, because I am only going to say this once.”

So, this week looked really bad. If I could have a forecast for the week, it would say thunderstorms 200%; allergies; fires; hurricane–you get the idea. It is going to be more insanity (got to end with a bang, right?). But yesterday, I somehow ended up giving a pep talk that inspired me to attack the week with enthusiasm.

Are you ready? We are putting the cold beach, traffic, vomit, missing trains, blisters on the feet, long briefs and hours in front of a computer during long awaited spring weather behind us. We are going to live this week out, and live it avec passion (with passion). Go big or go home. Do it with passion or not at all.

live. Live. LIVE!

Bam. *mic drop*

“Any arbitrary turning along the way and I would be elsewhere; I would be different.” Frances Mayes

“Who can tell, dear friends, how much peace you may give by only telling the story of our Savior.” Charles Spurgeon

“Five tender apricots in a blue bowl, a brief and exact promise of things to come.” Frances Mayes

“Some hearts understand each other, even in silence.” Yasmin Mogahed
“The world cracks open for those willing to take a risk.” Frances Mayes

“If there is one thing I could plant in your heart, it’s that you matter, you’ll always matter.” T.B. LaBerge // Unwritten Letters to You

“By your side I’m most quiet and most unquiet, most inhibited and most free.” Franz Kafka, Letters to Milena
Be wise. Be free. Be prepared. Be noble. Be well-fed. Be humble. Be excited. Be loved.
And always, expect miracles.
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