Iconic Wedding Favorites

As wedding season is in full swing, I thought I would pull together some of my favorite wedding ideas, iconic looks and inspiration.

Wedding Veil

I like traditional and symbolic elements, like the veil worn over the face, pre-ceremony.


Kate Moss

[Photo from Once Wed]

A Church Wedding

There is nothing like starting your union in the house of God. Super old school (used to be the norm). The Royals and Downton Abbey have this on lock.

APTOPIX Britain Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton

The Unconventional Reception

Celebrating in a funky unique way that is memorable, and not having a traditional cake is even cooler. Margherita Missoni had a raspberry tarte, and Laila Gohar had a fig tarte in lieu of the traditional cake.



Margherita Missoni

[Photo from Town and Country Magazine]

Natural Makeup

You should look like yourself, with an extra glow. Airbrush finish not required.


Amal Clooney



Classic elegance.


Kate Middleton

Unadulterated Joy

She is a queen at NGAF. She had garlic cloves dangling from her ears. She couldn’t wait to get married, and that was her makeup that day– JOY. #inspiration


Laila Gohar

[Photo by @Polidano]

Sunday Throwback: Vulnerability

This post was drafted last Sunday. I never got around to posting it, so here we go:

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Yesterday was such a lovely day, filled with worship, gardens and long walks. Unfortunately, the end of it was messy. I wasn’t feeling well, and I ended up vomiting about five times. (I know, so gross). My boyfriend was so sweet, he pulled over (which is where I started). Not sure how I made it home clean. Lots of heavy breathing across the Brooklyn Bridge. I felt bad that he had to witness my delirious, can-barely-hold-my-head-up self. And he was so sweet. Constantly squeezing my hand and telling me I was almost home. I guess that’s another aspect of relationships and vulnerability. The one where you are so sick and spend the rest of the night basically crying and shivering in your bathroom floor.

It’s often embarrassing at first to let someone see you like that. It’s a time where you often have no control over your body, how you look, and to be honest I could barely speak. Some people texted me last night, and I have no idea what I responded.

Maybe the universe is trying to teach me a lesson. I always want to be prompt, efficient and on schedule. And yet here I am, feeling weak as hell in my bed on a Sunday morning, when my initial plan was to start cooking at 7:30 am.

I think this completes the my-significant-other-has-seen-me-at-my-worse cycle. He has seen me be moody, overwhelmed, upset, indignant, I have cried, and now he has seen me vomit a meal on the side of a Manhattan street (great view). I guess that is as good as it gets. And still, he was the kindest most compassionate person. It would have made me cry if I would have had the ability to cry without throwing up on myself.

Love is that which stays, through good and bad, and it says ‘I am going to bring you home.’ 

Monday Inspiration: August 14, 2017

When I was thinking about what to share today, I couldn’t quite string words together to describe all the pain, hatred and horrific events we witnessed this weekend.

My friend Elli Anne sent me this Bible verse today. Its truth resonated with me. Its truth is always relevant.

:: If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen. And this commandment we have from him: whoever loves God must also love his brother.::

1 John 4:20-21 English Standard Version (ESV)

Shifa Gardi


Remembering Kurdish journalist Shifa Gardi. She was a passionate journalist following a lead to find abandoned ISIS mass graves. She was killed by a roadside bomb during the battle for Mosul in Iraq, this year. We will not forget her passion, courage and pursuit of truth and justice. Her legacy lives on.

It is people like her, that make this profession so respectable and a pillar for the world. We must document what must never be forgotten. We must share truth.

Her last live coverage:

One of her best friends, Kurdish singer Helly Luv, dedicated a song to the struggle against the atrocities in this region. She is now at the top of an ISIS hit list. May God honor and be with each person fighting, empowering and bringing awareness to the fight for freedom from these crimes against humanity.

Reasons for Health


By: Gabriela Yareliz

Sometimes, we focus too much on gaining weight or losing weight, or how we look externally. We notice some acne or dryness on our skin or there is that area that we want to tighten up a bit. Our focus is often first on the outside.

I think the key is to focus on the inside: what we eat and our mental and spiritual state. It’s about being healthy and feeling great. The sparkle starts within, and it makes its way to the external. It’s about living your best life with those you love. It’s about connecting, in a more fulfilling way, with the divine.


[Top image from Greenteapearl Tumblr and Bottom image from Call It Spring Blog]