By: Gabriela Yareliz

It’s funny how when you live in an apartment building, you know your neighbors. I am not talking about full conversations and dinner parties (although, some may be that lucky)… I guess it would be more accurate to say that you know about your neighbors.

There’s the neighbor who you believe never goes out. You never hear him leave.
There’s the neighbor who always has the TV on. Does he have a day job?
There’s the neighbor who plays loud music and makes weird sounds, which may be attempts to singing along.

There’s the neighbor who argues with their significant other. The debate is always whether you should call the cops.
There’s the neighbor who argues on the phone, a lot.
There’s the neighbor who lives like a musician in an eternal rehearsal.

There’s the neighbor who calls management to report you for noise on the one night a year you have friends over.
There’s the neighbor who is bitter and refuses to look you in the eye in the stairwell.
There’s the neighbor who breaks-in his new shoes in the hallway by pacing for an hour.

There’s the neighbor who will listen to the same song by Celine Dion, on repeat for hours.
There’s the neighbor who has the shower going constantly, leaving you to shower with icy-hot later.
There’s the neighbor who cooks weird things and makes your entire hallway smell.

There’s the neighbor who smokes (something), and it goes in to adjoining units through the vents.
There’s the neighbor who apparently doesn’t cook because they order three meals a day, plus snacks.
There’s the neighbor who acts as your wingman when you go out.

There’s the neighbor who understands your Morse code through the bathroom wall.
There’s the neighbor who is always going in and out, and you wonder where they go for those ten minute intervals.
There’s the neighbor who leaves his apartment, and it feels like they stop in front of your door to listen into your music that is playing. You see their shadow by the door, and you hold your breath.

There’s the neighbor who somehow gets your mail. Not the bills, just the magazines.
There’s the neighbor who listens to sermons, “can I get an amen?!”
There’s the neighbor you’ve never seen, yet somehow you know.

Who says you need to meet to know the intimate details of taste and lifestyle?
You don’t need to meet, you just need to live in the same building.
A little mystery is good for the soul.

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Speaking of silence

Saw this in the Economist back in the day.

By: Gabriela Yareliz

In my criminal procedure class, my professor sometimes asks us what our reaction is to some sort of controversial issue, and the response is sepulchral silence. He shakes his head and tells us how he grew up with a vocal generation that protested Vietnam and civil rights violations. The silence continues. ESPN and shoe shopping is on display on the computer screens the professor cannot see. No one speaks. No one cares.

We are that lame. Yes.

“Today’s generation doesn’t even argue–they just leave.” Pastor Jose Rojas (On youth leaving the church)

Today, people want to be walked along, hand-in-hand. No one wants to do anything to difficult or anything that means they will have to stand alone, or anything that may cost some pride. We are not supposed to leave or count ourselves absent. What is this weird resignation that has overcome the young adults of today? We are supposed to stay and reason. We are supposed to be valiant and firm. It’s time for us to stand and speak.

Life Is A Dance

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Jordan Fisher was interviewed on the radio. He spoke about his new single, “Never Dance Alone.” He was talking about how it’s the first time he sings a song he didn’t write; then, the station played it. It is beautifully written. I couldn’t find the lyrics or music anywhere but iTunes. It’s hot off the press.

In the lyrics of Feist, life is a dance we all have to do. The metaphor of dancing has often been extended to symbolize life.

Dancing alone can be a lot of fun, but even though adding a partner into the mix makes things more complicated at times because you have to coordinate, and it’s no longer all about you– the point is, it’s more.

It’s more graceful; it’s more memorable; it’s more magical; it’s more supportive; it’s more sacrificial; it’s more fun. It’s more.

The song is all about risks, admiration, trust, the magical moments in life, and, of course, love. I just wanted to share some pieces of it:

Never Dance Alone-Jordan Fisher

/You were so bullet proof around me,
I can barely take me shot;
whenever you move, I drown in envy
of anyone that gets to watch;

No matter where,
no matter when,
you will never dance alone again.

At first, there was you,
and then there was me–
and the room was spinning ’round.
I crashed into you;
you crashed into me;

Vanity Fair recreates West Side Story


Knockin’ on your heart to let me in;
we’ll listen to a song that never ends;
’cause if you put your future in my hands;
you will never dance alone again./

Spring & Break

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Happy semana santa! It’s the week leading up to Easter. It’s also our only break in the semester. It’s more of a reading week, since exams are days away. It’s a time of reflection, much studying and blessing. It’s a time usually filled with family, pastel colored dresses, chocolate, renewal and life. Spring has settled in. The weather has been exquisite.

The renewal of nature reminds us of how everything is restored, resurrected, made new.
The same happens in our lives, souls and hearts.

I hope this week you can reflect on: Service, justice, truth, sacrifice, restoration, life, gratitude and mission. I hope we can not only reflect on it, but live it and exemplify what this means in our lives.
Joel Houston has a thought, basically, if what we believe in is not being reflected on the streets we walk, then we are missing the point.

I hope this week is special, fun and filled with love and gratitude.
Here is some humor, information and inspiration:

1] Stress-free seminars NYC
When: Tuesday and Wednesday, April 15 and 16
Time: 12 to 1 pm
Where: Address: 12 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018
(across from Bryant Park and on the side of the New York Public Library)
Phone:(212) 944-2788

Rumor has it there will be refreshments.
If you are in the city (more specifically in glorious midtown), come by.

2] Outlining for exams:



4] It’s spring! Dress like it. People, we must put away the black and disgusting leggings.

Marie Claire

5] The Mindy Project: Oh, the doctors… [Why all professions need Spanish]

6] Feeling kind of East LA–> Becky G style

/Watch me take it up, then I break it down
I don’t play sports, but it’s a touchdown
I don’t blend in, I-I’m a black sheep
And even then, ha, they still follow me
I rock the race stripes, can, go and check my closet
Never share the guap, can, go and check my wallet
I’m a comet heading this planet
Sitting on the throne, and these haters can’t stand it/


Article (in Spanish) of things we do on the “holiest week” of the year: Vogue.Es





Have a blessed week. Be bold; be joyful; be you.

You ready to take the call?

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Chetan Bhagat’s book called One Night @ the Call Center is about the night they got a phone call from God at the call center. I can’t give you details. I am not that far along, but it seems this call changes the man’s life and his decisions are affected. It made me think, though… What if God called you? What would He say? Maybe He doesn’t literally call you, but I think God speaks to us everyday through small and big things. It’s up to you to pay attention and receive the message.

A lesson from Chetan Bhagat’s One Night at the Call Center: “God is always with me.” (284; Rupa & Co.).

Instructions for today

“Be gentle. Fill yourself up with love instead of hate. Fill yourself up with art, books, knowledge, experiences. Surround yourself with people who have nothing but love to give. These things are important. They will help you learn how to love.”
- (a.y)
(Source: tumblr)

From Ellen G. White’s Testimonies for the Church, vol. 2:

Pray much, for prayer is one of the most essential duties. Without it you cannot maintain a Christian walk. It elevates, strengthens, and ennobles; it is the soul talking with God. – {2T 312.2}

Seek for piety of heart. Be a consistent Christian. Possess a love of purity and humble simplicity, and let these be interwoven with your life. – {2T 314.1}

Have moral courage at all times to do right and to honor your Redeemer. I implore you, dear boy, to seek true holiness. – {2T 314.2}